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Teens Using Drugs: What To Know and What To Do” is a free, ongoing, two-part series targeted to parents and caretakers of teens but also inclusive of other family members, teens, and people who work with teens and families.  It is designed to provide education on how to understand, identify and address adolescent alcohol/other drug use and problems, create a positive attitude towards obtaining help for adolescents with alcohol/other drug problems, and increase participants’ readiness and ability to address adolescent alcohol/other drug use. This program has made a difference to families struggling with teen substance abuse, and to others who want to help.

The program was developed and presented by Ronald E. Harrison. Ron passed away in April 2011 and had asked Dawn Farm to continue this program should he ever be unable to teach it himself.

Dawn Farm has continued this program as a free educational resource. Programs will be presented by staff from Dawn Farm or Growth Works. (An adolescent treatment program in Plymouth that Ron had a long-standing relationship with.)

The series is held at the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Education Center 5305 Elliott Drive, Ypsilanti, Michigan; from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm on the 1st (part 1) and 2nd (part 2) Tuesday evenings of October, November, and January through June The part one presentation provides information on how to understand the progression of teen substance abuse problems, recognize signs and patterns of a teen substance abuse problem, and know when a teen’s use of alcohol/other drugs requires action. Part one includes a ten-minute video. The part two presentation provides information on what should and should not be done when teen substance abuse is suspected or recognized, and strategies for helping “teens using drugs.” Part two includes a recovering young person, who describes his or her experiences – how it was before recovery, what happened, and how it is now.

Teens Using Drugs has it’s own website, please see its home page for a schedule and more information.

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